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My name is Sanad Halabi, a young entrepreneur who took his first steps in graphic design at the age of 15. Initially, I experimented with the Photoshop and from there I moved on the social media. I opened my first business at the age of 17 (two supplements stores) and that is how I had to build an online store, advertise the business and prepare the graphics. After this successful  journey in my own businesses, I decided to share my knowledge and  experience to other businesses and provide them the opportunity to see their businesses grow. Today I am the owner of Sanad VGadi Ltd company and I offer my services all over the world.


I produce and build custom WordPress websites for individuals, businesses, companies and organizations according to the client’s and potential audience’s requirements

Advanced graphic design that will brand you in an effective and impressive way, whether it’s logo design, posts and stories for social networks to editing videos and animations

All the printing products required for your business, flyers, business cards, signs, stickers and more in a special design and high quality finish

Reaching a wider audience is easy, targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Google will promote your sales together with new and quality customers



Sure, you get service maintenance and support on all the website projects I offer.

The price varies from package to package, depending on the size of the site, the amount of designs and the working time.

In my company I accept payment through all types of credit card up to 3 payments, bank transfer or cash.